​Tuning Fork



It’s essential to take care of your Mind, Body, & Spirit to maintain  beauty.

But it’s not easy to do it alone. That’s where I come in. I'm a Healing Practitioner that caters to each client's spiritual needs.

Treat yourself to a luxurious experience; you deserve it! Make your stress fade away.

The practices presented here are spiritual in nature; They are intended to support your beliefs, not to replace it.

Stephanie's Spiritual Therapy

1412 E. 20th Street

Granite City, IL 62040


  • Animal Totem
  • Aromatherapy
  • Dragons
  • Earth Angel Quiz
  • Faeries
  • Mermaids/Sea Magic
  • Numerology 
  • Unicorns

Psychic Telephone Readings

Oracle Decks & Authors


Doreen Virtue, Ted Andrews, Steven Farmer, Diana Cooper, Sylvia Browne, Rhonda Byrne 

Gemstone Healing Properties 

 Reference Material by Authors: Judy Hall, Sue & Simon Lilly, Melody

Diseases & Disorders A-Z Healing


Reference Material by Authors:  Louise Hays, Vianna Stibal,



Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Haniel, Jeremiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raguel, Raphael, Raziel, Sandalphon, Uriel, Zadkiel